2. A celebration of mistery : Theoria Sacra - Pantheo Vortex

A creative strategy to address the mystery and magical dimension of existence.The western world since the time of Rene Descartes has lived an obsessive objectivity, a drunken rationality and a general denial of all things magical. In the case of Arica Asia and Latin America things however are very different.
Art is the only non dogmatic, non religious means to address such a sensitive subject as the magic of the world and existence.A subject which reveals itself little by little through tentative artistic exploration.
Theoria Sacra: paintings on canvas.
Pantheo Vortex:The result of this exploratory work aims to create a body of photos or more precisely a body of artificially created images offering a vision of enhansed reality through computer processing. Each image shares an identical composition that of a centralised subject suspended in a white light. The images are surrounded by a translucent porcelain like insulating material, a protective sheath or cocoon protecting the image from it's immediate environment.